3D Printed Fashion: 10 amazing 3D printed dresses

3D printed dresses

3D Printed Fashion: 10 amazing 3D printed dresses

It’s quite amazing what you can achieve using 3d technology these days! With 3D printing technology, different industries are gradually evolving in their production techniques thereby bringing to life, new amazing products.

Fashion is not left out from this list as you can now find amazing dress designs created using 3d printers.

The interesting thing here is that with this technology, you can generate very specific and original fashion designs that might be complex if you try making them with the traditional fashion techniques.

I’m sure it won’t be long before we start printing our clothes all by ourselves at home. In this post I’ve taken time to list out for you 10 amazing 3d printed dresses that will blow your mind!

Voltage Dress by Iris Van Herpen and Julia Koerner

3d printed dress design

This beautiful black dress is the product of the collaboration between Iris Van Herpen and Julia Koerner.

With the design coming from the two designers and printed by Materialise, a Belgium based firm, its complex texture was created using selective laser sintering which is done using a laser to merge small particles together.

It’s an amazing dress and it would be impossible to make this happen using another technique.

Anouk Wipprecht’s Spider Dress 2.0

3d printed dress design

Digitally developed with Philip Wilck and enabled by the Intel Edison, this astonishing design tries to simulate the territorial instincts of a spider with robotic arms.

The arms react to the data picked up from your respiratory and motion patterns using sensors when you wear it in order to protect your personal space.

The Smoke Dress

3d printed dress design

I’m sure before now, you never thought one could wear smoke in a dress right? Well, Anouk Wipprecht says it’s possible with this innovative dress.

Designed as part of special fashion collections for Volkswagen, this dress emits smoke whenever you step into the wearer’s personal space.

The Spire Dress

3d printed dress design

Designed by Alexis Walsh alongside Ross Leonardy, this ostentatious piece is made from over 400 individual tiles printed in SLS nylon by Shapeways and hand assembled with metal ring connectors.

The Kinematic Petal Dress

3d printed dress design

Inspired by the movement of flower petals, Nervous system (a generative design studio) designed and printed this bright red garment using kinematic textile technology.

This is a technology system that allows you to print out a flexible material as a single folded piece in 3D. The petal dress comprises of 1600 materials of such piece.

The Skeleton Dress

3d printed dress design

This is another great work by Iris van Herpen but this time in collaboration with a Belgian architect named Isaïe Bloch. Designed in the shape of skeleton, this scary dress was inspired by the anatomy of various animals and it took a whole week to get it printed.

Smock Corset

3d printed dress design

Crafted by the Austrian designer Marina Hoermanseder and architect Julia Koerner, this unique 3D print is something you’ll surely love to wear. This design is a true merge of vintage and modern collection using architecture and 3d printing. The two piece corset is bound by buckles fastened by the sides and shoulders.

Incunabula Dress

3d printed dress design

If you are familiar with the Irish crocheted-lace popular in the 19th century, you’ll understand where these trio designers got their inspiration from. The Incunabula dress was designed by Kaat Debo alongside Alexander Verschueren and architect Tobias Klein. The dress was 3D printed in polyamide using selective laser sintered process.

Synapse Dress

3d printed dress design

This is another amazing design from Anouk Wipprecht. Powered by Intel Edison, this dress has a sensor fitted headpiece that tracks your attention level and tells people not to disturb you when you’re trying to concentrate on a task using embedded dress proximity monitors. It does this by turning on 120 watts of bright lights on the dress to keep people away from you if you feel threatened. It also informs you and people around you the sources of stress in your immediate environment.

Gems of the Ocean Dress

3d printed dress design

Inspired by her first snorkeling experience in the water on the island west coast of Malaysia and the iridescent shades of the sea, Melinda Looi with Samuel Canning Make Waves were able to bring this awesome piece to life. Canning, an expert in 3D design developed the technical concept of the dress. The undisputed highlight of this design is that it’s probably one of the world’s first full length 3D gowns printed in a single part. It came out of the 3D printer fully assembled after which it was color dyed and fitted with 5,000 Swarovski crystals.


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